Fruity Parties For Children

Whether it’s a children’s birthday party and you want to keep everyone calm by limiting the E numbers and additives, or a summer bash where appetites favor something light, why not fruit up your next party with delicious fruity treats. In addition to serving fresh fruit in stylish ways you can decorate the party with super colorful themes.

Fruity Decor

Accentuate the fruity theme with realistic fruit balloons shaped like pineapples, watermelon slices and strawberries. This was found on

This tasty looking summery garland announces party time in a fruity fashion. It’s also on; just search for “Fruit Honeycomb Garland”.

or you can download and print your own party banners, such as this strawberry bunting from

If you are serving adults, then give your tasty treats a fruity boost with these festive cocktail sticks, ideal for olives and cheese.

Fruity Party Food

Fruit Kabobs
Fruit kabobs are not only incredibly easy to prepare and look fabulous; they are also mouth-wateringly tempting and very healthy. Bamboo skewers are simply threaded with a selection of different fruits, either whole or cut into pieces. Great fruits to use include strawberries, blueberries, kiwis, melon, grapes and orange segments. Avoid using fruit which will discolor once cut as presentation is important. Fruit skewers can be served with dips such as honey infused Greek yogurt topped with cinnamon, or melted chocolate. Grilled fruit kabobs are another variation: simply brush the skewered fruit with honey and grill until the kabobs are caramelized.

Watermelon Fruit Pizza
Fruit pizza with a watermelon base is the perfect summer food and will go down a treat with health conscious guests. Top the base with yogurt instead of cheese and use fruit toppings such as berries and kiwis, garnished with fresh mint or basil leaves.

Individual Fruit Servings

Fill individual plastic glasses with one fruit so your guests can choose their favorite. Summery choices are grapes, strawberries, blueberries, peach and pineapple cubes. Alternatively the fruit cups can be mixed up and served as individual fruit salads.

Fruit Art

If you are feeling artistic why not display your fruity offerings as art. This fruit bunny’s head will be a big hit at a children’s party.

This banana and grape sheep will go down a treat.

And this apple frog is absolutely adorable for youngsters:

Fruity Canapes

Fruit canapes are delicious bites that add an elegant touch to the party. Great choices include cheese cocktail canapes topped with a grape or an olive, and kiwi slices shaped with a cookie cutter and topped with an individual raspberry.

Fruity Tarts

Small individual pastry cases filled with fresh fruit are another bite sized party food with summery appeal, as are individual mini cheesecakes topped with fruit or individual meringue nests filled with fruit and fresh cream.

Fruity Drinks

Combine fruit with lemonade to create deliciously refreshing fruity spritzers. Fruit such as kiwis or berries can be blitzed in the blender and then added to lemonade, and served with fruit slices and ice. Adults may prefer punch or sangria filled with plenty of fresh fruit. Slices of lemon and oranges give sangria a real summery kick.