Christmas Games for Entire Family To Enjoy

The tree is resplendent with baubles and fairy lights, and the house is decked with holly and tinsel. The kitchen table is groaning under the weight of favorite dishes cooked up for the holiday and family and friends are due to arrive to celebrate Christmas together. To make the most of the holiday season and appreciate the togetherness it offers fill your home with fun Christmas games you can all enjoy. Take a stand against electronic devices that promote solitary bubbles and invest in some family-friendly games everyone can participate in. Here are some of the top fun games to bring everyone together.

Christmas Monopoly

Ditch the top hat and take a trip round this classic board with a roast turkey, a snowman, Santa or a reindeer, as the popular board game is now available in a festive Christmas edition. Advance to a Christmas party or sprouts, and invest your Monopoly cash in Santa’s grotto or his workshop. Just in case the board game leads to squabbles over cheating or choice of tokens, Monopoly set up a special hotline to call to prevent family bust-ups.

Christmas Games for Entire Family To Enjoy


Christmas Trivia

Pit your knowledge of holiday trivia against your family members in this fabulously festive Christmas game. This fun format tests your knowledge over five categories: Christmas traditions, carols, movies, stocking stuffers and the North Pole. With over 1200 questions in its arsenal, Christmas Trivia will keep you playing until long after bedtime.

Christmas Games for Entire Family To Enjoy

Letters to Santa

This family-friendly card game is based on the Love Letters game and is very popular with younger members of the gathering.  Play time is around twenty minutes. Luck and deduction will win the day.  This one to keep the children entertained while you grapple with basting the turkey, as it is suitable for 2 – 4 players.

Christmas Games for Entire Family To Enjoy

Christmas Bingo

Christmas games don’t have to use a traditional board on the dining room table.  Bingo, for instance, can be played in the living room as well as the kitchen. All you need is a flat surface. This game comes complete with a bingo spinner, bingo game cards and bingo chips. Instead of matching numbers to those called this festive edition of the game has players matching Christmas symbols and characters to declare “Bingo”. For a different take on holiday bingo, you can opt for Ugly Sweater Christmas Bingo or Nativity Christmas Bingo.

Christmas Games for Entire Family To Enjoy

Reindeer Ring Toss Game

Toss a ring on an inflatable reindeer antler in this enjoyable game that will get everyone on their feet. Christmas games like this will amuse and delight the younger members of the family as they take aim with a ring aimed at the reindeer antlers strapped to your head. Bring this game out to defuse any tension caused by squabbling over Christmas Monopoly.

Christmas Games for Entire Family To Enjoy

The Santa Claus Game

Educational and entertaining, the Santa Claus board game offers hours of family fun.  Each player gets to give gifts from their present filled sleigh. This game incorporates fun Christmas-themed activities, such as singing a holiday song as players move around the winter wonderland board. Young children adore this game as they act out the role of Santa.

Christmas Games for Entire Family To Enjoy

Gifts for the Halloween Party Host and Hostess

Everyone loves a spooky Halloween party and the chance to dress up in outrageous costumes. It is only natural that guests will consider Halloween themed gifts to take along to the party host and hostess, and there is no shortage of fabulous gifts to choose from. From wine and glassware, to candles and candle holders, there is an amazing selection of Halloween themed gifts your hosts will appreciate.


Sinister Hand  is a Yakima Valley red wine. It is an excellent gift to take along to a Halloween costume party for adults with its Sinister Hand label. With its distinctive cherry and olive flavors it is perfect to pair with dark chocolate Halloween candy.

Hailing from Dracula’s home of Transylvania, Werewolf Cabernet Sauvignon is a Romanian red wine, a must for the scariest night of the year. This juicy wine can be savored under a full moon. With closed eyes the Californian red Banshee Pinot Noir can be imagined as banshee blood. This rich, heady wine has a label befitting the occasion.

werewolf cabernet sauvignon


Candles add that special creepy ambience to the Halloween party and make excellent gifts. This pumpkin-shaped candle with a copper finish is just what the witches ordered .

When the lid is lifted and the candle lighted, it burns for 25 hours. A black skull candle is just made for Halloween, as are these creepy floating skull candles.

Candle Holders

Halloween gifts of candles can be complemented with spooky candle holders. These stone skull candle holders are certainly grisly with a realism that is scary.

and these black lace tea-light holders have a look of a spider’s web:

Yankee Boots Witches Boot Candle Holders are uniquely hair-raising and will be loved by the party host who goes out of their way to ensure the right ambiance is foremost in their home each October 31st.


Just because your scary party hosts are dressed like skeletons or zombies it doesn’t mean they want to smell like death. Treat them to a special All Hallow’s Eve fragrance with a more pleasant aroma than the grave. For the host, consider Halloween Man or Halloween Man Shot by Jesus Del Pozo. Man Shot is an aromatic mix of cardamom and black pepper.

Jesus Del Pozo also offers a Halloween range for women, including perfumes, body lotion and shower gel. Halloween For Women was inspired by a vamp and is floral and romantic.

Halloween for women


Halloween party hosts will appreciate a gift of themed glassware if their party will be rocking with guests. Premier Home and Gifts offers a choice selection of All Saint’s Eve glassware ranging from Drink up Witches stemless wine glasses to Vampire Lips double old fashioned glasses. There are also Day of the Dead wine glasses and Dance of the Dead highball glasses.

These super cute glitter glasses put the glitz into any scary occasion.

halloween glitter glasses

and these spider infested stemless wine glasses are handmade.  Just search for “Spider Infested wine glasses”.

Spider Infested wine glasses

Hang It

Finally this rope draped ‘warning’ sign can be hung from the house where all arriving guests will be sure to see it.  Setting the right tempo for the evening, this entertaining, authentic slate notice will be an early hit of the party.  Designed in slate, emblazoned with Beware of the Witch, this forbidding sign looks great hanging from the front door or the gate.  Just search Etsy for “Beware of the witch”.